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His name has always been remembered the moment the best entrepreneurs in the world of property are being discussed. However, in the same way, he has travelled to a number of different parts of the world as well where he has been treated as a well known personality all because of his success in the context of the Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc. He has also been awarded with a number of awards in his career for his outstanding performance in the property industry. He has been a motivation and an inspiration to a number of new entrepreneurs entering in the world of property business. The way he works and his tremendous style is what everyone wishes to strive for however, getting this completely is entirely impossible.

He has been leading the property business like a king and has supported a number of people to get into the business and maintain a position somewhere. His generosity despite of being so successful has always been a point to be remarked and he never misses the chance to help anyone in his life. He has also attained this position step by step by working with several different estates and right after gaining sufficient experience he has now setup his own venture.